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How Important Is the CASPer Test? 

The CASPer test assesses a student’s behaviors and personality traits instead of just factual knowledge. This allows medical schools to explore a different aspect of applicants and judge if their qualities align with those of a good physician. Because being a doctor often involves significant social interactions, the CASPer test is crucial for schools to gauge your suitability for the medical field.

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CASPer Test Format

The updated CASPer test consists of 14 scenarios: 6 video-based and 8 word-based, split into two sections. The first involves responding to videos and words, the second, typing responses. Each video scenario prompts two open-ended questions, while word scenarios ask three. You’re given one minute for each video answer and five minutes for all written responses, demanding quick thinking. The new version allows a 10-minute optional break and a mid-section five-minute break. Completion time spans 90 to 110 minutes. Answers are unreviewable, graded separately, and undisclosed to candidates. Schools have unique evaluation standards, making a high score relative to each institution. Students won’t receive or access their scores; they’re sent directly to chosen programs. It’s crucial to craft comprehensive responses due to the lack of review, impacting how various schools perceive the achieved score’s significance.

Can I Hire Someone To Take My CASPer Exam?

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