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About the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The CEH certification validates the skills of cyber security experts in grasping hacker mindsets and tools to identify system weaknesses. It covers areas like reconnaissance, network scanning, intrusion, malware, and cryptography, preparing individuals to protect systems by understanding potential risks.

Among the array of cyber security certifications available, CEH stands out, esteemed for its global recognition and comprehensive curriculum, often considered foundational for careers in ethical hacking and cyber security.

What the CEH exam entails

The CEH exam evaluates how well someone knows the ins and outs of ethical hacking and cyber security. It covers a bunch of areas from understanding how hackers think to snooping around networks, checking for weak spots, digging up information, sneaking into systems, understanding malware, tracking network traffic, playing mind games for access, and using codes to lock things up. It spans a duration of 4 hours and comprises 125 multiple-choice questions.

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Can I pay someone to take my CEH exam for me?

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