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About CPC exam

The CPC certification stands as the healthcare industry’s most esteemed acknowledgment of proficiency in medical coding. Employers highly value this certification, seeing it as a mark of dedication to excellence. Achieving this credential necessitates passing the CPC certification exam.

This exam rigorously tests medical coding proficiency through 100 multiple-choice questions spanning 17 knowledge areas. AAPC offers both in-person and online proctored exams, granting flexibility in test-taking. Whether at home in a serene space or via a local chapter or licensed instructor, candidates must complete the exam in a single sitting within a strict four-hour window. For online tests, a stable internet connection and an external webcam showing specific areas are prerequisites.

Completing the CPC exam within the allotted time and securing a 70% correct response rate is vital for success. This accomplishment hinges on a profound understanding of coding principles and the practical application of skills within healthcare contexts.

Hire an expert to take my CPC exam for me.

We understand that deciding to hire someone to take your CPC test can be a tough decision. But we want to assure you that hiring an expert to take your CPC test for you is a prudent decision since it makes you be at ease and not stressing anymore about exam challenges. With our tutors at disposal, be sure of getting the best score you have been aiming for in the CPC exams. You name the score you desire, and we make it happen. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Our tutors take the CPC exam for clients regularly. As such they are very familiar with the questions that show up in the CPC test, making it very easy for them ace your exams ensuring you get the score you need (or your money back!). With a strong track record of high CPC exam scores, our tutors will guide you through stress-free preparation to ensure your success.

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What to expect on exam day (Live Remote Proctored exam)

When entrusting us with your CPC Proctored exam, we prioritize a seamless process. An hour prior to your test, we conduct a remote evaluation of your computer setup and internet speed to optimize performance. Once the exam commences, your involvement will primarily involve a brief 2-3 minute verification using your ID. Subsequently, you’ll remain seated at your computer, appearing engaged in the exam, while your designated tutor accurately marks your answers. To maintain ease, it’s advised not to move your cursor, preventing any potential disruptions. Rest assured, comprehensive security measures are actively employed, safeguarding your well-being and addressing any lingering worries.

Hire someone to take my certified professional Coder (CPC) exam.

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