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About CPJE exam

Becoming a licensed pharmacist in California involves passing two crucial exams: the national NAPLEX and the state-specific CPJE. Success in both is necessary to join California’s 40,000+ licensed pharmacists. Foreign graduates face an extra step with the Foreign Graduate Exam (FPGEE). CPJE candidates must be aware of exam-specific details.

– Administered by the California Board of Pharmacy

– Incurs a cost for each attempt, including subsequent ones

– Entirely computer-based

– Comprises 90 multiple-choice questions, including 15 unmarked pretest questions

– Multiple-choice questions do not have negative marking, allowing for educated guesses

– Does not permit the review of individual questions once submitted

– Strict time limit of two hours to complete (45 seconds per question)

– Questions exclusively based on job-related tasks and knowledge statements

– Requires pharmacists to make decisions based on best practices and Californian Law

– Results are dispatched to candidates within 30 days

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What is the passing score of the CPJE exam?

To pass the CPJE, you must achieve a scaled score of 75. Scores range from 0 to 100, with 75 or higher needed for success. Verify the latest information from authoritative sources or the California State Board of Pharmacy, as exam-related details change.

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How does hiring someone to take my CPJE exam work?

Opting for to remotely handle your CPJE online exam offers a seamless, secure, and budget-friendly strategy for CPJE success. Kick start the process by clicking our website’s contact us button, indicating your intent for the CPJE online test and specifying your preferred deadline. Once we confirm, we’ll provide pricing and sign-up instructions. An adept CPJE test tutor, recognized for achieving top scores, will be assigned to take your exam. We’ll coordinate a mutually convenient date and time for you, the tutor, and our technical team. Ahead of the test, a remote connection to your computer ensures a thorough system check and internet speed test, guaranteeing optimal performance on exam day. Rely on our straightforward process to minimize anxiety; we’ve invested resources to manage risks, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup for our clients. Trust to make your CPJE journey smooth and successful.

How we navigate past Proctortrack proctoring during the CPJE exam.

We’ve crafted an innovative technology stack allowing us to efficiently circumvent proctoring systems during CPJE exams. Through a secure remote connection to your computer, our highly skilled tutors can choose your answers while you’re monitored by Proctortrack’s proctor via webcam, screen monitoring, microphone monitoring, and other system checks. Using our undetectable remote connection, our tutors will take the CPJE test on your behalf. This ability to bypass Proctortrack proctoring is the outcome of extensive research and development, offering our discerning clients a seamless avenue to pay for and successfully pass the CPJE test without the need for study.

What can I expect on test day when hiring someone to take my CPJE?

On the test day, about an hour before your scheduled exam, our team will remotely connect to your computer for setup procedures. This involves configuring the testing system and conducting checks to ensure optimal functionality. When the CPJE test begins, you’ll go through the identity verification process with Proctortrack. Once the Proctortrack proctor launches the exam, input your necessary credentials, and our expert tutor will assume control of the computer. They’ll choose the correct answers for each question, ensuring a high CPJE test score. Meanwhile, you’ll be in front of the computer, creating the appearance that you are actively answering the questions, making it seem like you are personally taking the exam.

Why should I hire to take my CPJE exam?

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