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What is the Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification?  

The CMRP certification validates expertise in maintenance, reliability, and asset management, offered by SMRP, a nonprofit organization, for over two decades. In today’s industry landscape, focusing on maintenance and reliability is crucial for optimal asset performance. Professionals seek certifications like CMRP to showcase their dedication and skill in this evolving field.

To obtain CMRP, candidates must pass an online exam through PSI Candidate Services. This rigorous test assesses competence in five areas outlined in the SMRP Body of Knowledge: Business & Management, Equipment Reliability, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Organization & Leadership, and Work Management.

The exam spans 150 minutes with 110 multiple-choice questions, requiring a 75% pass mark across all pillars. Passing signifies a comprehensive understanding of these crucial aspects within maintenance, reliability, and asset management.

Who administers the CMRP exam?

PSI Candidate Services manages the CMRP exam for AHA-CC. These exams are available in 200+ locations in the US, and international options can be arranged upon request. Seeking support for CMRP exams? offers assistance with exam-related services. Despite PSI’s stringent monitoring, we can discreetly take the exam for you by remotely accessing your computer. Don’t let exam pressure overwhelm you. Delegate the exam to someone from


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Hire someone to take my CMRP certification exam

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