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Overview of the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX)

The Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination of the United States (COMLEX-USA) is a three-level, national standardized licensure examination designed for licensure for the practice of osteopathic medicine.

How Many COMLEX Exams Are There?

To become licensed DOs, students must pass four sequential COMLEX exams. Each assesses distinct competencies, aiming for a comprehensive evaluation of knowledge, fluency, and clinical skills. Passing the preceding exam is a prerequisite for eligibility to take the next one.

COMLEX Level 1

After successfully completing their first year at an accredited college of osteopathic medicine, students are expected to take the first exam, which is a one-day computer assessment. COMLEX Level 1 assesses foundational biomedical sciences, clinical problem-solving, and health promotion knowledge .The exam comprises two four-hour long test sessions with a total of 352 multiple-choice questions.

COMLEX Level 2

After finishing their second year of osteopathic medical school, students must complete the second exam, a one-day computer assessment. This exam extends on the content of the first COMLEX test, evaluating competencies in clinical patient care and health promotion in supervised settings. It covers various clinical disciplines and consists of two four-hour sessions with a total of 352 multiple-choice questions.

COMLEX Level 2

After completing their second year of osteopathic medical school, students face the third exam. Unlike previous tests, it centers on patient presentations and interactions. This includes interacting with 12 standardized patients, with 14 minutes allotted per case and an additional nine minutes for documentation. The exam evaluates skills in communication, professionalism, and medical procedures. Though it’s often seen as one of the most challenging, there’s some reassuring news for those feeling anxious about it! The exam has been indefinitely postponed, potentially eliminating the need to take it altogether!

COMLEX Level 3

Upon earning their DO degree, students must complete the final exam, a two-day computer-based assessment evaluating foundational competency for independent osteopathic medical practice. The exam covers clinical disciplines including COVID-19 knowledge, featuring 420 multiple-choice questions and 26 clinical decision-making cases over two days.

Which COMLEX Exam Is the Hardest?

The initial exam proves challenging as it introduces new concepts to students and encompasses a substantial amount of material. Additionally, the third exam is regarded as demanding due to its in-person format involving patients. Although the COMLEX exams may seem extensive and overwhelming, conquering them signifies significant milestones in your osteopathic path. Every successfully completed exam brings you nearer to realizing your dream of becoming an outstanding osteopathic doctor! For a trustworthy method to excel in COMLEX exams at all levels, turning to examhelppro.com is highly recommended.

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What levels can we take the COMLEX exams for you?

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Pass score

The NBOME has adopted a pass/fail system for which a minimum passing score of 400 is required, and no numerical score is disclosed. Alongside this, you will be provided with a Formative Performance Profile, illustrating your performance compared to other first-time Level 1 test takers. Rely on examhelppro.com for an assured success in your COMLEX.

NBOME’s Policy on Retakes

If a student doesn’t pass COMLEX Level 1, NBOME permits retakes. Allotting ample time for remediation and adjusting your study schedule is crucial. There’s a limit of four attempts within a 12-month span. For swift success in COMLEX Level 1, turn to examhelppro.com. We cater to students’ needs, ensuring timely results.

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