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What Is a DSST Test

The DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) is a series of standardized exams that provide students an opportunity to gain college credit for knowledge acquired beyond traditional classrooms. The DSST program is primarily designed for military personnel, veterans, and adult learners, although it is now available to anyone interested in earning college credit through testing. Students really find DSST tests beneficial as they allow them to speed up graduation and get college credit faster. DSST exams allow individuals to earn college credit by demonstrating their proficiency in specific subject areas. Successfully passing a DSST exam can potentially exempt you from taking a corresponding college course, saving you time and money on your education. With our “Pay someone to take My DSST test for me” service you can have our expert tutors take the DSST for you.

Benefits of DSST test

Whether you’re a new or a returning student, DSST tests can help you:

  • Earn 4.5 college credits for each passing test
  • Earn your degree on time (or early)
  • Earn college credit for your prior knowledge and training
  • Reduce course completion time; the average exam takes only a few hours vs. 8-15 weeks in-classroom or online
  • Decrease time to complete your degree; reduces the number of courses taken to complete your degree
  • Save money; DANTES funds one attempt per exam title for eligible examinees
  • Avoid tuition assistance (TA) costs for courses replaced by credit earned through testing
  • Get FREE test prep and study materials provided online, via mobile apps, and at installation libraries and education centers
  • Know your score instantly for most exams


Hire someone To Take My DSST Test for Me

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Is it possible to take the DSST test without preparation

Sure, by availing our service to take your DSST exams online, you gain the advantage of convenience and ease in obtaining passing scores and credits without investing the typical months of study required. Here’s how it functions: Upon signing up with us, we remotely access your computer to take the DSST test on your behalf. This process enables you to acquire DSST credits without the necessity of preparing for practice tests or undergoing any prior preparation.

How Many Times Can I Retake the DSST Test

You can retake the DSST test as many times as you need to, with a mandatory 30-day waiting period and the need to repay the test and, if relevant, proctoring fees each time. However, rather than risking test failure, why not opt for our guaranteed success in DSST tests when you hire us to manage your exam?

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Can I take my DSST test online

Certainly! You have the option to take DSST exams online using a remote proctoring service called Prometric, which enables you to take the tests from home as long as you meet technical requirements and adhere to testing guidelines. This is the option we use by connecting into your computer remotely and taking the exam on your behalf. The technology we use for this purpose is the safest therefore you do not need to worry about your safety.

How does pay someone to take my DSST exam for me service work

Using the DSST exam help service from makes it very easy to get DSST credits without having to study or prepare for the DSST tests. First, you let us know which DSST test you’d like to have us take for you. We will then give you pricing and instructions on how to sign up to have us remote connect and take the DSST for you. After signing up for the DSST test taking service, you can choose a date and time for the test that works for you, our tutor, and the test support staff. Next, we’ll verify your computer’s functionality for our connection to take the DSST. Following that, an hour before the test, we’ll reconnect to install our software. Once the test begins and verification procedures are done, our DSST expert will take over your computer and answer the test questions.

Which DSST tests can I have take for me
  • Art of the Western World DSST
  • A History of the Vietnam War DSST
  • Astronomy DSST
  • Business Ethics and Society DSST
  • Business Mathematics DSST
  • Computing & Information Technology DSST
  • Criminal Justice DSST
  • Environmental Science DSST
  • Ethics in America DSST
  • Ethics in Technology DSST
  • Foundations of Education DSST
  • Fundamentals of College Algebra DSST
  • Fundamentals of Counseling DSST
  • Fundamentals of Cyber security DSST
  • General Anthropology DSST
  • Health & Human Development DSST
  • History of the Soviet Union DSST
  • Human Resource Management DSST
  • Introduction to Business DSST
  • Introduction to Geography DSST
  • Introduction to Geology DSST
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement DSST
  • Introduction to World Religions DSST
  • Lifespan Development Psychology DSST
  • Management Information Systems DSST
  • Math for Liberal Arts DSST
  • Money and Banking DSST
  • Organizational Behavior DSST
  • Personal Finance DSST
  • Principles of Advanced English Composition DSST
  • Principles of Statistics DSST
  • Principles of Finance DSST
  • Principles of Supervision DSST
  • Substance Abuse DSST
  • Technical Writing DSST
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction DSST