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What is a Wonderlic test?

In 1936, E. F. Wonderlic introduced the Wonderlic test, which has since become a widely utilized cognitive assessment tool aimed at measuring general intelligence. This exam comprises 50 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within a 12-minute timeframe and spans various subjects, including mathematics, vocabulary, and logic. Its primary utility lies in employee selection, where it evaluates cognitive capacities and problem-solving abilities. Scores range from 1 to 50, with an average score hovering around 20, and employers often establish cutoff scores for prospective job candidates. Beyond the realm of employment, the Wonderlic test finds applications in the NFL draft for assessing potential players and in specific academic admissions processes.

Despite its limitations, the Wonderlic test remains a valuable instrument for swiftly gauging an individual’s cognitive aptitude and adaptability.

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 Can I pay someone to take my Online Wonderlic test?

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What benefits come from paying someone to take my Wonderlic test online on my behalf?

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