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Overview of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) exams.

The ABFM (American Board of Family Medicine) exams assess the competency of physicians in family medicine. Consisting of the Certification Exam and the In-Training Exam, they evaluate clinical knowledge, decision-making skills, and the ability to provide comprehensive patient care. Success indicates proficiency in the field of family medicine.


The One-Day Family Medicine Certification Examination consists of four equally timed sections, each accompanied by 100 minutes of collective break time, which can be taken between sections.

Exam Section Exam Section Format Time Allotted
Section 1 75 Multiple Choice Questions 95 Minutes
Section 2 75 Multiple Choice Questions 95 Minutes
Section 3 75 Multiple Choice Questions 95 Minutes
Section 4 75 Multiple Choice Questions 95 Minutes

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How is the ABFM exam scored? What score do I need to pass?

The ABFM transforms your responses into scaled scores between 200 and 800. To pass, your score must meet or exceed the minimum passing standard (MPS), such as the 2020 MPS of 380. The ABFM’s official website consistently updates annual pass rates. At, we stay current with ABFM exam pass rates. Our expertise ensures we surpass the required passing rating set by the ABFM. In the rare event that we fall short of your expectations, our money-back guarantee policy comes into effect.

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