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About the CPPS Exam

The Certified Professionals in Patient Safety (CPPS) exam, administered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), assesses healthcare professionals’ expertise in patient safety across five key domains. This comprehensive examination delves into Culture, Leadership, Patient Safety Risks and Solutions, Measuring and Improving Performance, and Systems Thinking and Design/Human Factors. Utilizing the Angoff method, experts gauge question difficulty to establish a passing score of 70 out of 100. Achieving CPPS certification demonstrates a high level of proficiency in patient safety, distinguishing professionals and enhancing their career prospects while contributing significantly to caregivers’ education and ensuring better patient outcomes.

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The CPPS certification holds significant esteem in the healthcare field, serving as a crucial asset for healthcare professionals committed to upholding patient safety. Attaining this certification involves passing the CPPS exam with a minimum score of 70%. This exam comprehensively evaluates understanding across patient safety principles, healthcare quality improvement, risk management, and related areas. Individuals well-versed in these domains may find the exam more approachable, while those newer to the field might face greater challenges.

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