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What is the SSAT?

The SSAT, or Secondary School Admissions Test, is a crucial assessment for admission to prestigious private middle and high schools. Success on this test is vital for securing a spot in these exclusive institutions. Tailored to different educational stages, the Upper Level suits 8th graders and above, the Middle Level for 5th to 7th graders, and the Elementary Level for 3rd and 4th graders. Across all levels, the SSAT consistently evaluates students on Quantitative, Reading Comprehension, and Verbal Reasoning sections. The Upper and Middle Levels have two Quantitative sections, while the Elementary Level has one. The test also includes an unscored essay section, forwarded to applying schools.

When can I take the SSAT exam?

The SSAT conducts tests each month, running from October to April, with an additional exam available in June. Furthermore, they present flexible dates, extending to extra testing opportunities beyond the standard schedules. Feel free to explore the various test date options and enroll promptly.

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