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What Is the SLLA Exam

The School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) is an essential test for those aspiring to be K-12 administrators. It forms part of the School Leadership Series (SLS), which also includes the Connecticut Administrator Test, the School Superintendent Assessment, and the School Leaders Licensure Assessment. These assessments evaluate candidates’ comprehension of school leadership roles, their professional judgment, and practical experience.

The SLLA is administered via computer and spans a four-hour duration. It comprises two sections: Section I, lasting 165 minutes, involves 120 selected-response questions graded electronically. Section II, taking 75 minutes, features 4 constructed-response questions evaluated by human graders.

SLLA Exam Prep

Using diverse study materials like textbooks, guides, practice tests, and tailored assistance can improve candidate preparedness for the SLLA exam. offers an SLLA exam support service aimed at accelerating the certification process by taking the SLLA exams on behalf of candidates. Opting for potentially improves the likelihood of passing the exam. Our experts remotely access your computer to take the exam on your behalf, increasing your chances of success.

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